3 authorized dispensing possibilities

Our pharmacy offers the dispensing of veterinary drugs with required prescription for the 3 following cases:

  1. Dispensing of veterinary drugs prescribed for the implementation of the Livestock Health Program (LHP).
    To find out more about the LHP, click here
    For a list of medications that may be prescribed as part of a LHP, click here
  2. Dispensing of prescribed veterinary drugs as a part of animal health monitoring and in accordance with the care protocol.
  3. Dispensing of veterinary drugs prescribed by a veterinarian so that the time between veterinary care (prescription date or last veterinary visit date) and the drug dispensing does not exceed 10 days.
Type of veterinary prescription Authorized dispensing Maximum time between the prescription date and the drug dispensing date
Prescription for drugs that are not part of Livestock Health Program or care protocol yes 10 days
Prescription for drugs that are part of Livestock Health Program yes 12 months
Prescription for drugs that are part of health monitoring, in accordance with the LHP care protocol. yes 12 months

Sealed package

Veterinary drugs are delivered in a sealed package so that the recipient can verify that it has not been opened by a third party.

Return of the original prescription

The original of the veterinary prescription will be sent to you in the parcel with your order. All required dispensing details will be filled in:

Dispensing order number # drug name # quantity issued # name of prescribing veterinarian, # dispensing date # lot number # drug dispensing establishment and # operator

Good transport practices

For each delivery, we ensure that the conditions of transport are compatible with the good preservation of the medicines, especially for the delivery of thermosensitive (should be stored in the cold 5°C+/-3°C).

To know more about the transport of the products that must be kept in the cold, click here.

Pharmaceutical explanations & recommendations

You will receive a link by e-mail to consult and download the instructions for use of the prescribed veterinary medicines. Below is the list of emails with the sending of the notes and recommendations / explanations of our pharmacist:

  • Acknowledgment of receipt of your drug request
  • Pharmaceutical proposal for your request
  • Confirmation of vet drug dispensing
  • Confirmation of the shipment of your parcel
  • Invoice

At any time, you have access to the instructions for use (RCP) and our pharmaceutical proposals via the application "The health of my animals" by clicking here.

Our offers

To view our different offers, click here. French law Our offer of dispensing for veterinary drugs with required prescription is in conformity with the French law:

  • To consult the article R5141-112 (II) of the Code of the public health, click here
  • To consult on legifrance.fr, the latest version in force of the Article R5141-112 of the code of the public health, click here.