Located in the geographical area of the AOC COMTÉ (department of DOUBS), founded by Michel BASTARD, our pharmacy is one of the leading French veterinary pharmacies dedicated to livestock since 1979.

From a family of Haut-Savoyards (LES GETS), passed from father to son since 1870 (www.graines-bastard.com), we have years of experience with the world of breeders and agriculture.

By marriage, the BASTARD Michel family is also closely linked with dairy cow farming and the production of COMTÉ via its in-laws (EURL Menettrier), which has been active for several generations in the production of milk for COMTÉ.

Lastly, the BASTARD Michel family has also owned and breed horses in Comtois for several generations. To finish, the equine tradition of the family is assured by Julaine (doctor of pharmacy), the girl of the pharmacy who has been competing in riding (COMPLET) from her childhood.

Apart from our expertise in animal health, we also have extensive experience in the health of equines and pets (dogs, cats ...).